Wine Estate

VINEYARD.It might seem like a long journey from bud to what’s getting filled into the glass but I enjoy every step of it – unless bad weather gets into my way. We’re always at the mercy of good weather, which can be an element of huge uncertainty. Nevertheless it is what keeps you grounded – what reminds you every single day that it is nature we’re working with here. Wine is a natural product. End of story. And you need to stay calm, take your time with it and love what you do – that’s what you’re gonna taste.

14 ha – 65 % white/ 35 % red
Schützen am Gebirge
Member of Leithaberg DAC

On our warm and sandy soil the grapes can mature in an ideal way. The chalk beneath enhances the mineral note of our wines. Lake Neusiedl is within sight and there you can not only sail your boat. It also balances our climate and our vines love that. Our single vineyards on Seeberg, Steineweingarden, Ungerberg, Satz and Reckenschink are situated on the southern slopes of the Schützen Stein. The soil around Rieden Baumäcker and Hortmais contain clay. That’s why we kelter brawny red, and elegant white wines.