Our classical unwooded white wines will win you over with their fruity flavour. Our single vineyard white wines on the other hand will introduce you to our special terroir. A mineral note rather than the fruitiness will be your predominant sensation. You will taste chalk and salt – typical for this terroir. We strive to press brawny wines that still carry great elegance – our wines will uphold their full potential even in some years from now. That’s why we allow our grapes long periods of slow maturation in small barrels.

ROSÉ. Our Rosé originates from a bleeding of our Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes that are very rich in extracts Read more
KARMA. Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you. KARina asked MArtin to Read more
YOUNG SAUVIGNON. In each new vintage this wine is always the first, which is being bottled. I harvest my Sauvignon Read more
GRÜNER VELTLINER. These grapes grow on sandy, calcareous soil that is streaked by slate. Over the years I learnt to Read more
WELSCHRIESLING. This wine may seem lightweighted at first – although it really isn't. My Welschriesling is of a more brawny Read more
SAUVIGNON BLANC. If you think about all the fuss we make around harvesting our Sauvignon Blanc grapes, you could call Read more
Gelber Muskateller. Bottle picture BACK TO OUR WINES Read more
WEISSBURGUNDER. I cultivate my Weißburgunder in an elegant and classical way because I feel that's what suits the Reckenschink single Read more
LEITHABERG WHITE. These vines have been growing on Goldberg for over 35 years. Situated on a north-west single vinyard, the Read more
ZWEIGELT. Brown clay soil is ideal for this wine. Clay stores a lot of the ground's humidity, which makes the Read more
BLAUFRÄNKISCH. Cultivating this type of vine has a very long tradition in Burgenland. No other type will reflect the soil's Read more
SYRAH. Cultivating varietal Syrah was quite a trend in Austria some time ago – it’s a pity this trend seems Read more
ST. LAURENT. Just as the Blaufränkisch also St. Laurent belongs to Burgenland's oldest and most traditional types of vine. Still it's Read more
VIER. A very complicated Cuvée. Four types. Four single sites. Vinified four times. And cultivated separately four times. Blaufränkisch from Read more
LEITHABERG RED. There's an ideal place in the Leitha mountains called the Riede Ungerberg. Its chalk and slate soil are Read more
STEINGARTEN. Half Cabernet Sauvignon, half Merlot. The Austrian version of this classical Bordeaux-blend aims at combining power and tenderness. Cabernet Read more
DIVINE. With this wine you have to wait for 26 months. Before that you need to select only the best Read more
Martin ReinfeldHauptstraße 197081 Schützen am GebirgeAUSTRIA +43 699 11 50 62 64 | We're open:Mondays to Fridays from Read more
VINEYARD.It might seem like a long journey from bud to what's getting filled into the glass but I enjoy every Read more
I'm a guy from Deutschkreutz making wine in Schützen and in doing so I keep to a very old tradition Read more
AWARDS - Auszug Falstaff Bewertungen- BGLD Weinprämierung Bruno 2011- BGLD Weinprämierung Divine 2012- BGLD Weinprämierung VIER 2012- BGLD Weinprämierung VIER Read more


Rosé ·  KarMa · Young Sauvignon


Grüner Veltliner · Welschriesling · Sauvignon Blanc · Gelber Muskateller · Weißburgunder


Zweigelt · Blaufränkisch · St. Laurent · Vier · Syrah · Steingarten · Divine


Leithaberg white · Leithaberg red